02 – Hall of Illusions and Big Top

Witchlight Carnival

Session 2 Recap

Adventurers witness a strange occurrence in front of the Tasha’s Laughter booth. Zreith upsets Candlefoot when he greets him using Candlefoot’s exact voice. The group goes into the mirror maze and catch a glimpse of the halfling, Rubin, walking through a mirror with the pig masked girl. Candlefoot shutsdown the Hall of Illusions when he hears what happened. The group goes to the Big Top to find the carnival owners. Mary and Zreith add a nice performance to the hour of entertainment and Mr. Light agrees to chat with them in private. Upon hearing what the party has witnessed, Mr. Light and Mr. Witch decide they must do something. Together, they return to the Hall of Illusions and the adventurers walk through a mirror.