03 – Arrival in Hither

Arrival in Hither

Session 3 Recap

After stepping through a mirror in the Hall of Illusions, the adventurers are transported to a bridge surrounded by a swamp and mist. Overhead, they see a balloon descending out of control and calls for help, toward a tower. The party chases after and they are intercepted by a band of harrengon bandits that demand a memory from everyone. Mary bargains with them and surrenders enough memories to cover her companions. Jebbek thanks them and the two groups continue on their way. Poppy sees a vision in a stream – her glass ant, Adam, is being held by someone with green wart-covered hands! At the slanty tower, Marley and Poppy find a fairy dragon named Sir Talavar who is trapped in a cage. Zreith and Ulrich try to sneak into the tower but are attacked by large constrictor snakes.