04 – Journey to Tellemy Hill

Journey to Tellemy Hill

Session 4 Recap

After resting in the tower, adventurers travel to a hill to retrieve a key that might unlock the magical cage that the fairie dragon, Sir Talavar, is trapped in. The party finds an abandoned raft which they use to travel the swamps. Along the way, the group is challenged by a group of small mud devils. With Sir Talavar’s help, Mary solves their riddle and the mud devils retreat. At the hill, Poppy upsets a tree and Mary Hoppins carries Sir Talavar.  Talking trees are encountered and the group meets Jingle Jangle, a goblin who collects keys. They learn that Jingle Jangle was recently beaten and robbed by a group of harengon bandits – the same group they encountered a day earlier. The group promises to deal with their leader, Agdon Longscarf. Sir Talavar is freed and as the group departs, one of the trees rewards Zreith with a mystery key.