07 – Bavlorna’s Cottage

Bavlorna’s Cottage

Session 7 Recap

The party meets King Gullup XIX. Zreith shakes all the hands of the guards and enjoys platters of flies and worms. Poppy not so much and receives a secret message – the revolution lives! The King notices that Zreith is wearing the bronze brooch and requests that they join his court. The King also agrees with Mary Hoppin’s request – moving forward the group will be known as the “Soggy Bottom Boys” formerly the Soggy Court.

The servant, Nibor, provides noble clothing to the party so that they can return Bavlorna’s Book of Bad Blood to her. After getting outfitted with noble frilly outfits, the group finds Ulrich waiting at the gazebo. The group rows a boat to the middle of the lake and behind all the fog they find a hut on stilts. They climb up some creaky stairs and enter the cottage through a trapdoor. They find a mirror, a large lily pad, a dirty wading pool, lots of dirty dishes, and a bunch of dress mannequins – one with a black pointy hat that catches Zreith’s interest.

Zreith attempts to take the hat, but the hat flies away. He catches it and forces it on his head. That is when things go wrong. The hat retaliates and engulfs Zreiths feathered head. Poppy and Marley are focused on finding their belongings and continue up to the 2nd floor. As they continue searching for their missing items, Zreith, Ulrich, and Mary deal with a magical and potentially deadly hat.

The two fairies, Marley and Poppy, find themselves in a hallway with a strange mirror, Marley finds a secret passage. They end up shrinking to 1/12 their original size. Poppy pushes onward through a mouse-sized door. They overhear some individuals having tea.