10 – Balloon Ride Back to Bavlorna’s

Balloon Acquisition and Back to Bavlorna’s

Session 10 Recap

The party waits outside the bullywog village and make plans to take a balloon. As the night begins to shine, chaos erupts in the village. The party rushes towards the balloon to find that half the guards have left their post. 

Giant frog guardians are quickly dealt with. And they begin uncoupling the balloon. Zerith dives into the lake and makes a quick retreat when he spots a monsterous creature lurking below. The party gets into the balloon and Clapperclaw starts flying it back to Bavlorna’s cottage. Determined to get his head back, he convinces Mary to go back and retrieve his head.

Under the cover of night, the newly acquired balloon floats toward the cottage located in the middle of the lake. The party spots numerous balcony entrances on different floors. A set of cages catches their eye and there they meet a satyr named Vansel. Ulrich helps free Vansel from his cage and Marley offers him the dress given to her by former King Gullop. Ulrich is rewarded a stick with a flower at one end.

The group then decides to try a different balcony and they find themselves in a familiar room. This time they have a little more time to search and they find that strange bird creatures lurk under the many pedestals in the room. After disturbing several birds, Zerith attracts the attention of Balvorna’s minions. One enters and slashes Poppy a few times almost dropping her. The group makes a quick retreat back to their balloon.

After treating their wounds, the group decides to try the balcony on the third floor.