11 – Bavlorna’s Frog of Holding

Bavlorna’s Frog of Holding

Session 11 Recap

Clapperclaw brings the balloon around to the third-floor balcony of Bavlorna’s cottage.

Zerith leads the way, walking not so quietly into the Bavlorna’s room. A bobbing, glowing light drifts down from the tall ceiling toward Zerith. Zerith investigates the chest near the balcony door while the rest of the party quietly explores the rest of the room. Mary can hear the tiny guardians zipping around on the lower floor and stands watch at the top of the stairs.

After some deliberating Zerith chooses not to risk using his mysterious key and instead Marlie unlocks the other door with her lockpicks, then goes to do the same at the chest. Zerith finds a skeletal stag head and decides it would make a good weapon then crawls into the frog statue mouth and vanishes.

Meanwhile Marlie draws the attention of the bobbing light and it shocks her as she opens the chest.

Vansel looks for Zerith and disturbs an animated mannequin when he removes it’s helmet. Eventually Mary recalls something about magical storage devices and retrieves Poppy’s Ant from the frog. Then she pulls Zerith out. Marlie then retrieves her shawl from the statue. As soon as the group recovers their belongings, they decide they shouldn’t stay any longer and rush back outside and climb back into the balloon.

Zerith trades Clapperclaw for his real head and the adventurers are taken to Thither by the stolen swamp gas balloon.