12 – Nib’s Cave, Juniper the Owlbear

Nib’s Cave and Juniper the Owlbear

Session 12 Recap

Clapperclaw guides the party to the land of Thither and tell’s them to find a man named Nib. He lives in some caves and can probably help them. On their way, they find a wanted poster for a boy named “Will of the Feywild”. Zerith takes the poster. They also meet a wandering elf named Ember. They invite her to team up since everyone shares similar goals.

In a hilly region, the group comes across the tracks of a large beast. The tracks end a few hundred feet in front of a cave entrance. Someone inside the cave invites them in and Zerith leads the way.

They meet an elderly man named Nib. He’s surrounded by gold and wants to help the adventurers by providing them with magic items. He asks each party member how he could help and everyone donates an item that they wish to make magical. Nib uses a magic spinning wheel and sews magic into various items while reciting magical words:

An eye to keep your secrets, an eye to keep your guard.
A stitch for deeper pockets, a stitch for pockets barred.
A thread to fend off harm, a thread if you intend it.
A weave to mute your tread, a weave to help extend it.

Rhyme from Shoddy_Employment954 – found on Reddit and was a great addition to our game.

Marlie’s moonlight shawl now has a pocket of holding sewn into it
Zerith gets a hidden pocket of holding sewn into his witches hat
Poppy gets toe socks of protection
Ulrich gets a vest of protection
Ember gets bracers of protection
Mary has her crossbow infused with magical gold thread (+1 crossbow)

After providing everyone a magic item, Nib provides a some information about Loomlurch, Little Oak, The Getaway Gang, Will of the Wild, and the Hourglass Coven. The group departs with Zerith leading the way. Ember realizes the group is headed in the wrong direction and sets them back on the correct path.

In the forest, they hear something large breaking branches approaching. The group hides except for Zerith. Zerith is attacked by an owlbear pulling a chariot. Most of the group recognizes the owlbear from their childhood – it is Juniper (from session 0). Marlie, Ember and Poppy get to calm Juniper down, but not before Ulrich and Zerith take a few beak pecks and some claws.  The chariot is removed and Juniper is fed some food and put under a suggestion spell to follow along.