15 – Loomlurch

Lamorna and Loomlurch

Session 15 Recap

The party has a conflict with how they should deal with Zarak – the assassin. Lamorna demands that he should be held captive by her until Zymbilna returns. Lucy insists that he be dealt with immediately. Marley tries to calm everyone down and in the end, Lucy leaves frustrated.

The party joins up with Will and convinces him that they need to delay their plans to free the children as they have worn themselves out with their encounter at the lake. Will reluctantly agrees and they head back to Loomlurch. Poppy and Will share tea and biscuits near the river.

The next day, the party makes it to Loomlurch. Will’s plans remains the same – the adventures should ask for a meeting with Skabatha. Will will sneak into the textile mill to free prisoners. The Get away Gang will cause a distraction by setting off the scarecrow alarms.

The party wanders into a goblin market and trades for some candy. Ember schedules a meeting with the help of a goblin with a candy apple head.