19 – Sowpig, Redcaps and Pud

Sowpig, Redcaps and Pud

Session 19 Recap

Mary, Poppy and Marley continue exploring the tree. Mary take out the ghoulish girl with the pig mask and takes her mask. Squirt the oilcan gets filled with Boggle oil. They trick the talking doll with buttons for eyes and Poppy destroys a magical rug.

Ulrich gets distracted and leaves Ember with Oink. She plays a few hands of solitaire while waiting for the rest of the party to rejoin her. Suddenly she hears voices and sees the halfling girl Philomena running straight into the paths of the deadly redcaps.  Ember creates a fog cloud and races in to intercept Philomena. A maniacal red cap chases after them and kicks Ember. Luckily Ember and Philomena make a narrow escape with Ember’s fire spirt, Calcifer.

Zreith, opens his blurry eyes. Looking around he finds himself in a bed with. A young boy named Pud is looking over him and feeds him candied gummy worms. In the next to Zreith is a young dwarf boy (Brottor) who is very ill. Zreith is not sure what is wrong with him.

They find the rest of the children and Zreith – now all they need to do is escape! Pud betrays the group and calls for the tin soldier guards!  A drum beat gets louder as small tin soldiers approach.