21 – From Thither to Yon

From Thither to Yon

Session 21 Recap

Brottor is cured; Elkhorn stays behind with Will to watch over the children as the party travels to Yon toward the Palace of Hearts Desire; Elkhorn is also asked to deliver a message to the unicorn, Lamorna. Ember believes that her mate may had been turned into Skabatha’s rocking horse.

The party leaves Thither and travels to Yon. The forest of Thither eventually transitions to a rocky mountainous terrain. The party is now in Yon. Upon reaching the top of a hill they spot several lightning rods and stormy, weather. They cross paths with 3 talking, giant goats and a hostile rock monster.

Poppy goes into a rage, Adam Ant is cracked and the rock monster is destroyed.