22 – Amidor vs Mudlump

Session 22 Recap

Continuing through Yon, the party meets a 3-foot-tall dandelion named Amidor, a peach size bumblebee named Pollenella and an acrobat from the Witchlight Carnival named Gleam. They decide to travel together to help Gleam find her sister (Glister) and along the way they encounter a cyclops beekeeper.

The cyclops and dandelion seem to have some prior history and a battle ensues. Swarms of bees pour out from a beehive carried by the cyclops. Ember pulls the power of the storm clouds overhead and lightning bolts come crashing down onto the cyclops.

Most of the party fights off the bees and cyclops. Mary turns Pollenella and Zreith invisible. Marlie and Gleam take cover and hide. The cyclops begins to retreat and Ember’s lightning brings him down before he can escape.

Mary decides to help the fallen cyclops back up, calms him down with some music and casts a spell to better understand why he attacked. Ember has a conversation with Pollenella to find out what is going on. With more information, Mary and Ember try to explain to the cyclops (Mudlump), that Pollenella is in love and wants to be with Amidor. She no longer wants to stay with Mudlump and be the queen bee. It’s difficult for Mudlump to understand but eventually, he cheers up and trades a few of his items with the party before leaving to go back to his home. Mary acquired a magical quiver and Ulrich received a pixie-shaped glass vial.

After Mudlump leaves, the party takes a few minutes to catch their breath before continuing their journey. Ember and Ulrich notice that the shadows around the group are moving on their own.