24 – Puppet Show and Tornado!

Session 24 Recap

Our group awakens to a blustery morning. Strong winds howl past the rocky terrain while bits of tiny stones bounce about. The sound of an approaching wagon can be heard. Some of the party take cover and hide while others stand out in the open waiting. A horseless wagon trundles toward the group. A cloaked figure appears to drive this magical vehicle. As the wagon gets closer, it turns to expose the wagon’s colorfully painted side. A set of curtains pulls apart and puppets begin to appear.

After a few moments, the party notices that the puppets resemble themselves. A silent pantomime of recent events begins to play. The show starts with the party meeting a small goblin flying a kite… Zreith attempts to engage in some trade with the cloaked driver, but the driver avoids contact and any communication by turning its back to the group. Eventually, Zreith attempts to high-five the cloaked figure. Immediately as Zreith makes contact, the figure and wagon disappear.

The group concludes that the shadows must somehow be connected to the mysterious wagon performance and we continue toward the Motherhorn. The strength of the winds picks up at incredible speed. The party moves to brace themselves and take whatever cover they can find! One by one everyone has whisked away in a tornado.

Falling from the sky some members of the party are able to fall and land safely while others experience a rougher landing. Fortunately, everyone survives with only a few suffering some minor scrapes. They find themselves on a tall stone pillar near a lake. Ember sees Algatharas racing down from a stone column with a torch in his hand. Al is her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/it’s complicated.

After a long, complicated discussion the group convinces Al that he needs to join the party since he doesn’t stand a chance of escaping while Endelyn still controls Yon.

The session ends as the group spots the Motherhorn off in the distance. A familiar storm cloud balloon can be seen parked nearby.