26 – Meeting with Endelyn

Session 26 Recap

Backstage at the theater, the group waits and they briefly meet a bugbear in a dragon costume.

Marlie’s reflection shows her as a skeleton but everyone else’s reflection appears normal. Stagefright makes a quick comment – “That’s not good.” But is more concerned with getting the group to Endelyn in time.

Along the way, Mary casts a suggestion spell on Zreith just before he attacks Stagefright. Zreith now feels compelled to stay by Mary’s side.

Through a library and up a staircase the group finds themselves in a hallway one end leading the a double door and the other leads to a large complex machine with spinning, whirling copper sickles and balls with lighting.

Along the way Charm calls out for Zreith and both Zreith and Mary go over to trade. Zreith begins to pull out the doll head from his hat of holding but Poppy rushes over and helps shove it back. Charm and her sisters, Bauble and Trinket are delighted and offer several knick knacks for the dollhead. Zreith stuffs some socks into the dolls’s mouth and then safely trades it away for a moon pendant and a magical wine bottle that reassembles after being broken. The sisters leave happy and the group goes to their meeting.

The meeting with Endelyn is somewhat tense. She declares that Ulrich will represent the group. During the meeting Mary and Marlie upset Endelyn and gives Ulrich a warning. She wants the eyes that Marlie has in exchange for the Glister, who is currently a “special guest”. Marlie previously stole a golden eyeball from Skabatha’s dollhouse and a varnished eyeball necklace from Skabatha’s desk.

Once the exchange is made, they are to escort both the twin sisters to the Fey Beacons and make sure they return home. Endlyn never wants to see either sister again. The group agrees. Glister is retrieved from her chambers and the group is escorted out of Motherhorn. Endlyn also tells the group she knows they are here to retrieve some items. She is willing to return an item in exchange for a shadow, her cat (last seen at Bavlorna’s) or a unicorn horn.