27 – Fey Beacons Part 2

Session 27 Recap

With the twin sisters reunited, the party escorts them back to the Fey Beacons so that they can return home. Before that, they must find a way past the monstrous birds that block the path home.

Journey Highlights:

  • Ulrich further questions the importance of an eclipse
  • Mary learns more about what it’s like being shadowless
  • Ember and Algathas have a heart to heart
  • Poppy learns more about Algatharas and Ember’s past.
  • Zreith has almost finished repairing the dentures he found (now with 1 golden tooth with the embossing of a coin still intact).
  • Marlie

Algatharas says his goodbyes to the group and begins the task of lighting the 8 braziers. Rowing out to a stone column, climbing up and igniting a brazier takes about an hour each. After the second brazier is lit, the birds are spotted high overhead.

Though magic Mary is able to call for the birds attention as they fly-by high overhead. One by one, the large bird creatures land on the first rock column with the party. Algatharas continues his task while the group distracts the birds.