28 – Travel to the Palace

Session 28 Recap

The party camps out on the a large pillar of rock. The plan is for Marlie to change back all the monsterous birds back into their human forms. Unfortunately, the remove curse spell that Marlie used doesn’t appear to be strong enough. Overnight the two people she had previously transform back to their original forms revert back into monsterous birds and fly away.


  • While on watch, Almidor becomes very nervous about the shadows that have been following the group.
  • The party is woken up and they attempt to capture or destroy the shadows – the shadows are hard to spot and get away.
  • Mary is aging at an accelerated rate – something she experienced when she first arrived in Yon;
  • There is a debate about what to do and where to go (retrieve Endlyn’s cat, find the unicorn horn) but with Mary’s condition worsening, they ultimately decide to go to the Palace of Hearts Desire.
  • Almidor leads the group to the Palace. He sadly declares that he will not enter the palace – he fears the jabberwock.
  • Way above the party, a dragon-like creature flies past and then disappears behind the palace walls.