30 – Palace Garden Exploration

Session 30 Recap

Ulrich wanders out of the pavilion looking to catch up with the rest of the group. He finds Marlie in the branches of nearby tree. Marlie throws her shoes at him and yells for him to not get any closer. Ulrich takes a wide berth around the tree and experiences the time frozen garden. While near a stream Ulrich notices some movement and a strange figure offers him a silver barbed crown which he carefully accepts.

Meanwhile, Mary manages to dimension door near Marlie and remove the curse she is under. Marlie calms down and flies out of the tree to rejoin the group. There is some confusion on how to get Zreith back to his normal form (currently a hamster). Ember learns that she can simply end the effect herself and Zreith transforms back to himself and dashes off to another door.

Zreith tries a few doors but they are all locked. The group starts to decipher the clues they have uncovered and decide to investigate another nearby tower. Within that tower they meet a hart named Wrath and determine that Wrath should wear the crown first. Wrath accepts their offer and the crown is left with Wrath. The party tries a nearby door and find that they have gained entrance into the palace. They appear to be in the servants quarters.

Mary finds a creature named Thinnings hiding behind a dresser. Thinnings was a butler for Zymblina and he cautiously shares what he knows after the party share some secrets with him. After chatting with Thinnings, they decide to proceed through the north door to go further into the palace.

Other Notes and Highlights:

  • Mary attempted to take some things from the servant’s quarters but was caught and told to stop and put it back.
  • Something scary is beyond the servant quarter doors.
  • Zymblina has been frozen by the hags of the hourglass coven.
  • The league of maleveonce has been hired by the hags to watch over the palace.
  • Three members of the league are currently in the palace (Kelek, Warduke and Zargash)
  • To unfreeze people, you must touch them with a unicorn horn and speak their real name.
  • Zymblina is not Zymblina’s real name