18 – Skabatha’s Study and Kitchen

Skabatha’s Study and Kitchen

Session 18 Recap

Ulrich sneaks around Loomlurch trying to catch up with the rest of the party. He crafts a snorkel and sneaks past the scarecrow alarms in the ravine. Sneaking through the garden, Ulrich frees the goats from their pen.

Lucy distracts the 2 hags and leads them away from the rest of the party. Eventually, he tells them that he doesn’t know where Will of the Wild is. Skabatha’s key stops turning and the 2 sisters look at each other and polymorph Lucy into a turtle. He is picked up and thrown into a burlap sack.  Ember beats Ulrich at cards, The rest of the party sneaks around the tree, they find a monocle, a strange necklace with an eyeball, and a magical feather quill.

Next they free some kids from the kitchen. They also release a dwarf named Elkhorn and find the halfling that disappeared while they were at the carnival’s hall of illusions.

Mary convinces a small green dragon that everything is fine, and he should continue to enjoy his nap.

We ended the session with the following:

Zreith, opens his blurry eyes. Looking around he finds himself in a bed with.