31 – Palace Exploration

Session 31 Recap

Ember wants to rest before the group continues. The group decides to rest in the servant’s quarters. The party spreads out throughout the room with several people on watch. After about 4 hours the group notices that someone is about to enter the room. Mary turns invisible, Marlie hides under a bed, Poppy and Ulrich act as if they are frozen in time.

A small creature bounces into the room at incredible speed. It notices that Poppy moved and it gets closer to investigate while comparing Poppy to a small piece of parchment it has in its hand. Mary breaks out of her invisibility and attempts to cast a charm spell – it fails. Ulrich attempts to stuff the creature into his backpack, but it’s too quick. Poppy snatches the note from the creature. The tiny frog creature bolts out of the room. Poppy chases after it and sees it go out a door. Poppy decides to close the door and block it with a desk.

The note is a warning from the hourglass coven to the league of malevolence. Crude drawings of the party members with notes for the league on warning them of the the party. The group decides to relocate to the garden pavilion where Ember finishes resting.

The group explores the central door, a hallway leading to a balcony looking out onto a larger central tower surrounded by swirling clouds and lightning down below. They also explore a tower and find a coffer with a white crystal inside. The group encourages Marlie to leave it and she does. The group returns back to the servants quarters.

Through the door north of the servant quarters they find a deformed goblin-like giant eating a cake. The giant demands that the party serves her food and they offer a small variety of rations and goodberries. The group is allowed to pass and they find a beanstalk with the remains of a ballon scattered about. Ulrich and Mary uncover more clues and learn that the storm cloud balloon from Charm, Bauble and Trinket had recently crashed into the beenstalk. They recover some small trinkets, but find the box which once held a unicorn horn – but the horn is missing. Mary gets nervous when she finds 3 ash piles and burn/blast marks on the tower walls. The outline is roughly the size and shape of a human.

Poppy and Marlie fly up to investigate the upper portion of the tower (which has been detached from the main palace). Inside the upper tower room, they meet a toad named Iggrick. Iggrick claims to be a wizard and has a lot of helpful information. The group agrees to help Iggrick and he offers them a pair of magic boots from a treasure chest. Mary and Poppy thank Iggrick and descend from the upper portion of the tower.