34 – Ringlerun and the Jabberwock

Session 34 Recap

Ember just freed the wizard Ringlerun.  Pincushion’s dollhead spins around and smiles at the others in the room.  Zreith and Ulrich bring up the rear and are in the hallway. Pincushion runs forward cackling and attempts to latch on to Poppy. The dolls laughter awakens the Jabberwock. Confusion runs rampant. Ringlerun helps the group escape by creating invisible walls of force and preventing the Jabberwock and Pincushion from pursuing. The party heads toward Bloodybeak, Zymblina’s pet giant owl.

In the hallway, one of Bavlorna’s minions runs up to Mary and stabs the harengon 3 times. Zreith rushes over and destroys the attacker with a flurry of blows. Ulrich finally snaps out of a trance while the party runs away from the Jabberwock.