35 – Bloodybeak’s Cage

Session 35 Recap

Marlie squeezes through the giant owl’s cage bars and taps the giant owl with the unicorn horn and speaks the name “Bloodybeak”. The owl wakes up from it’s magical frozen state and attacks Marlie before she can get out of the cage. Luckily Poppy is able to pull her through before the owl makes a snack out of her.

The group backtracks through the dining hall and towards the servant quarters. On the way they find that the glutinous giant/ogre has been killed, near the perfectly preserved 8-tier cake and giant beanstalk. The servants quarters have been ransacked and they find a ransom note. Thinnings, the butler, and Iggrick, the frog wizard, have been taken by Kelek. The note says to bring the unicorn horn to the central tower and they won’t be hurt.

The party decides to go back to the central tower, but they are not ready to deal with Kelek and Warduke yet. They are planning for a small group to stealthily (invisibly) fly into the tower and perhaps scout out the enemies and see if there is a possibility of finding the black book or magic sword. Both are said to also be in the central tower.