36 – Saving Strongheart

Session 36 Recap

Ulrich holds onto Zreith as he flys across the court of storms to the central tower.  Mary sends an occasional message as the Kenku and halfling scout out the upper floors of the tower.

The two discover a book and magical pen. They also find a complex vault door at the very top of the tower. Meanwhile, the fairys attach a rope to Strongheart – the knight suspended above the court of storms. With a touch of the unicorn horn and speaking his name, Strongheart is pulled to safety and reunited with Valor’s Call members Ringlerun and Mercion.

Valor’s Call waits on the balcony while the rest of the party travels to the central tower. The party acquires a black book with names of guests and then they eventually figure out how to open the vault doors. Poppy acquires a talking great sword named Snicker-Snack from the vault. A shimmering cloak with a unicorn is taken by Ember, and a gold helmet decorated with hart antlers is taken by Zreith.