37 – The League of Malevolence

Session 37 Recap

After reconvening with Valor’s Call the party decides that they need to rescue Iggrick and Thinning after they were taken hostage by the League of Malevolence. There is also some concern and question on when/if they should free Zymblina, who’s true identity is now in question.

The party meets with Kelek and sees that Iggrick has already been turned to stone. Thinnings is pinned to the ground by some rubble from the previous tower explosion. After some words, a fight breaks out. Kelek is immediately subdued by Mary and Ember and Warduke surrenders to Strongheart. In a last ditch effort to not be apprehended, Kelek unleashes a fiery blast that engulfs everyone including himself.

Those who survive the blast are able to treat the others. Everyone survives and Kelek is also saved so he can be brought back to the Material Plane and face justice.