38 – Unfreezing Time

Session 38 Recap

Kelek and Warduke have been taken prisoner. Strongheart plans to bring them back to his world to face justice. Thinnings offers the palace jail might be a good place to hold the prisoners while the rest of the party attempts to set Zymbilna free.

As they are about to leave the central tower, Endelynn Moongrave calls out to them from a balcony on the opposite side of the Court of Storms. She offers them a trade of the remaining lost items and safe passage home in return of the unicorn horn. Endeylnn has seen many future possibilities and this offer is her best chance to retain some power. She pleads that her sister’s have failed her and she hasn’t been given a fair chance.  Zymbilna is not as truly pure and good and she deserves a chance to rule Prismeer.

They turn down the offer but Ember promises to ask Zymbilna to with her. Endelynn curses under her breath and vanishes.

The party splits up: Mary, Ember, Marlie and Poppy will go to free Zymbilna; And Thinnings will lead Zreith, Ulrich, Strongheart, Mericon, Ringlerun to the prison so they can secure the prisoners.

Ember casts Pass without Trace so the party can sneak back into the chamber and hopefully avoid waking the Jabberwock. Poppy is given the unicorn horn and given instruction on how to free Zymblina. Mary accompanies her as the two sneak into the room. Fortunately, the Jabberwock is gone but Mary spots Pincushion sitting right next to the cauldron.

Mary casts a spell – Skabatha’s voice calls for Pincushion from down a hall. Pincushion’s head spins around and she trots off away from the party toward Skabatha’s voice. Poppy fumbles with instructions but manages to release Zymblina. There is a moment of uncertainty as the group is unsure if Zymbilna will be an ally. Zymbilna takes control of Poppy and snags takes the unicorn horn from her.  Zymbilina ends the time freezing spell and then asks the adventurers for details of what has taken place.