39 – Heart’s Desire

The conclusion to Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Simply wishes to return home. She collects letters from her friends who will not be returbning home soon.

Wishes to save her land and find Algatharas. Zymbilna grants her the use Snicker Snack and a speedy trip to Al’s homeland. Ember also suggests that Endelynn deserves a chance to be heard by Zymbilna.

Poppy Peppersocks
Mentions she wants to see Will but is then warned that he is more than he appears to be.
She decides to accompany Ember and help slay the Dragon that Algatharas faces.

Mary Hoppins
Her age is restored – she is now the same age as her friends. Mary wishes to stay in Prismeer and wishes to see the 3 hags face justice and all the damage they caused repaired. One girl, in particular, is the little goblin girl who was made elderly in the land of Yon. Zymbilna seems most pleased with Mary’s request. Mary is granted a position within Zymbilna’s court and given access to her flying carriage to travel throughout Prismeer.