DnD Stories - Lucy the Leo

Lucy the Leo

Leonin Oath of Conquest Paladin
acolyte background
played by Jessie
Lost: mentor (Elkhorn)
Curse: none
Lucy is a new recruit for Valor’s Call and on a mission to detain members of the League of Malevolence (a coalition of villains).
Lucy’s mentor is Elkhorn, an old grumpy dwarf. When Lucy and Elkhorn first arrived in Prismeer, they traveled toward the Palace of Heart’s Desire by following the stone causeway that once stretched from the palace to the edge of the domain. Along the way, Lucy were ordered to stay back and guard the causeway while Elkhorn continued to the palace. Something happened and the causeway shattered, Lucy was knocked unconscious, buried under rubble and lost track of how many days have passed. Lucy has traveled through a swamp and dense mist before making it to a forest.Mission:
1. Capture and bring the League of Malevolence’s members to justice for crimes committed on other worlds.
2. Find Elkhorn and/or Valor’s Call for further instruction.League of Malevolence:
Kelek the sorcerer – bald, human male, large white beard, carries staff,

Warduke a swordsman who wears a helmet with red glowing eyes,
Skylla the warlock, (human female often seen in black robes)
a priest of Orcus named Zargash, (possibly human, no other description)

and Zarak a half-orc assassin usually wears black and often uses poisons

Valors Call:
The noble adventuring party known as Valor’s Call was founded by Strongheart, a resolute human paladin committed to destroying evil wherever it rears its ugly head. Lucy hasn’t met Strongheart, but Elkhorn talks about him all the time.

Most Recent Events:
A few hours ago Lucy crossed paths with an aged centaur named Winterbow. He warned Lucy that this realm is fading; he should return to his own world before Prismeer disappears entirely. Winterbow told Lucy that the other members of his clan galloped away to safety before the mists enveloped Prismeer, but he was too old to keep up with them. The centaur doesn’t know the cause of the realm’s impending destruction. Winterbow advised Lucy to seek out the unicorns at Wayward Pool for information.