DnD Stories - Mary Hoppins

Mary Hoppins

Eight years ago, Mary took the blame when an owlbear cub ate the pie from a neighbor’s windowsill. She helped return the lost cub, Juniper, back to the carnival.

Harengon Bard
played by Hannah
Lost: a wooden mouse that squeaks;
Curse: Mary lost several years of youth.

After waking up, Mary found herself to have aged quite a bit. Her once soft, brown fur gave way to large patches of grey and white. Her parents did not recognize her upon returning home. However, they were kind enough to furnish a fellow Harengon with lodgings and meager supplies until she “got back on her feet”.

A part time gig at the local tavern allowed her to save up enough coin to leave with the next traveling entertainer that would have her. Her wish was granted the moment (insert troupe name) came into town. That night Mary joined in on the performance, after a few too many drinks, and rowdily earned their respect with her talent for on-the-spot lyrics.

The open road was gritty, but she was lucky enough to have formed strong bonds with her new companions. She mended costumes, repaired instruments and helped compose new pieces until they surprised her with a harp. It was neither expensive nor luxurious, but it was hers.

Over the years she traveled and performed, gifting and grifting her way to mediocrity. She searched years for any trace of the festival and now, 8 years later, it has returned. and so has she.