Eight years ago, Zerith caught the owlbear cub falling from a tree. He helped return the lost cub, Juniper, back to the carnival.

Kenku Monk
Criminal background
played by Jessie
Lost: a tiny book of fairy tales.
Curse: Zerith can’t remember things about the Fey world.

Through a short history of pain, Zerith has been cast aside again and again. First his parents, lost at the hands of a Gang leader in the underground.
His parents helped smuggled him out of the city before that sad fate befelled them.

As he wondered from city-to-city town to town, he was ridiculed for being a Kenku. Treated harshly at each encounter, until he wondered upon a small Flea town. In this beautiful little town he seemed to be accepted. Even though he would always steal and make fake money to buy things the villagers always seem to just smile and take care of him as if he were just another member of the village.