Back for Bargle (Again)

Adventure #003

After being tricked earlier by an imposter, the group returns to the supposedly “abandoned” Rygar Keep to capture the evil wizard Bargle and collect on his bounty. The next day, the Keep’s defenses have been strengthened and Bargle’s kobolds almost defeat our adventurers.


  • Back to Rygar Keep to find Bargle, we discover that the nearby farm was attacked.
  • The “abandoned” Keep’s defenses have been reinforced;
  • The group splits up, Wolfgar falls – taking an arrow to the back and crashes to the ground;  We manage to grab Wulfgar and hastily retreat back to town;
  • The following morning, we breach the kobolds wall of defense.
  • Ninharma – uses listening skill and hears harpy song;
  • Jamwar and Titania bravely rush into the room, avoid harpy song & defeat harpies;
  • We find giant rats in closet;