Kobolds Love Indiana Jones & Dragon Eggs

Adventure #009

Two new characters (Lumina and Marcain) are escorting gnomes when goblins attack them on the road; They join forces with the group and Belinda. Next, the group heads back to the Caves of Chaos to investigate the kobold cave. At the end of the day, they return to the keep with a dragon egg.


  • New characters Lumina and Marcain escorting gnomes – when goblins attack on the road to the south;
  • The group join forces with Belinda and is tasked to recon the caves by the local chapel and castellan;
  • Kobold Traps (pit, boulder, [a la indiana jones] tripwires, bees and syrup)
  • A Kobold prisoner leads the group to Dragon egg
  • The group is given a large reward at the Keep for the egg;