Kattock! Kattock! & Spring Fair Part 1

Adventure #010

The group gathers more information from the nearby caves, then heads back to the Keep to share their recent discovery, rest and partake in the upcoming Spring fair.


  • Group returns to the cave area; Ninharma enters one and is told to leave;
  • Next: bloody hall cave with giant rats and secret room with a map and blue ink trapped chest;
  • Kattock, Kattock – Bugbear Alliance formed;
  • Fair Kickoffs with Wulfgar drinking, Merchant tents and a Rendev spell book which leads to Revned being put into the stockades;
  • Lumina models her clothing line
  • Ninharma meets a hottie at the debate contest
  • Revned and Titiania finish high in a debate contest – gaining the attention of the Keep leaders and representatives of the Grand Duchy of Karameikos.