Kendall Keep’s – Spring Fair Part 2

Adventure #011

Your typical D&D fair featuring Pie Eating, a Talent Contest,  Drinking Contest, Arm Wrestling, Archery  and, oh yeah, some Talking Chickens.

Midweek Preview:

Brother Martin and Ambercrombie are equally elated and surprised by the strong showing of Opal (your chapel co-worker), and yourself at the debate. The remainder of the participants seem to be in disbelief of what has just taken place. Immediately after the rings are given out, all contestants are dimissed but Revned and Opal are asked to stay for a moment longer…

You and Opal are asked to particpate in a short survey for the council of Karameikos…

During your 5th stein (2.5 gallons of beer), your excitement of the ale tent might be settling down. However, your remarkable pace has caught the eyes of several ale connoisseurs. Another dwarf calls out to you

“Yo Bluebeard! I challenge ye to a drink off!”

Do you accept her challenge? The brewer running the tent, overhears this and excitedly declares a new drinking contest where the winner will get 100gp!

Your face paint is starting to run in the midday heat. That might also explain why you didn’t get very far with the buxom Holga… In the meantime you find a note stashed in your pocket:


Lightswift Sales are off to a very slow start. Corrath pulls you aside and throws some more make-up on you.  Meanwhile her husband, Beldak, sneaks off for a drink at the ale tent.

The pie eating contest is going to start soon…


  • Jamwar pukes pies and Titiania “The Pie Slayer”  wins the pie eating contest
  • Ninharma encounters talking chickens
  • A Rigged Archery contest;
  • Revned ends up in the stockade (again) this time for a questionable dance performance;
  • Lightswift sales were a bit slow;
  • Wulfgar almost won the drinking contest and the arm wrestling contest;
  • The fair night ends with a mysterious green fog flowing throughout the Keep;