Green Fog, Killer Trees and Bees

Adventure #012

Everyone retires to their room after the fair. The fair ended with a mysterious green fog flowing through the Keep. Everyone will roll to see if the fog has any effect on you.

Midweek Preview:

Titania & Revned: Guards annoyingly and urgently awake you before dawn. You both meet with Ambercrombie and Devereaux. The Keep has been attacked! Many people are ill and weakened. You are to depart immediately and seek help from the “Bee Man”. There are several rumors and stories of this “Bee Man” / “Mad Hermit” who lives no more than a mile to the north. Ambercrombie thinks he can help.

Deveraux says “That crazy old hermit hasn’t been seen in at least a decade – chances are he’s dead, but he may still have a potion or ingredients/components in his camp that can help counter this sickness. MANY nasty creatures inhabit the wilderness area up north. Good chance you’ll find Giant Wolf Spiders in the forest, or at the very least, they’ll find you… These giant hunting spiders rely on their superior speed and eyesight to hunt.  What, you say you’re afraid of spiders?!  Better convince your companions to accompany you because there will certainly be a lot of spiders!

Revned, if you find this “Bee man”, test his knowledge on dragons or if he no longer lives, search his home maybe he has a copy of “Dragons for Dummies”…  Oh, and they have a lovely  portrait of this hermit drawn by a traveling bard from long ago…

Once you return, you’ll need to escort Dubricus (the translator) to the Bugbears and recon the remaining caves. Dubricus is prepping for his adventure – he is working with Opal – baking a pie for the bugbears. Ambercrombie suspects that this poison attack must have originated from the inhabitants of the caves. Devereaux suspects the attack is from bandit/raiders from the south known as “The 99”.

Lumina & Marcain: Modeling was hard work. Titania and Revned are rustling about way too early. Fortunately you’re able to fall back asleep. Inside Lumina’s storage chest is a note: “Make sure your blue dwarf friend heeds our warning!”.

Wulfgar: Early in the morning, Third hands you a small bag with 20gp – 2nd place in arm wrestling. When you add it to your stash, you notice that you don’t have as many coins as you should and a small note “Your roommate failed. Late payment penalty collected. Return our coins to the cave by nightfall or you and your associates will suffer! …” Signed:”puk! puk! puk!” Roll to see what’s missing… You will also roll to see if you have any hang over effects…

Ninharma: Has strange dreams about chickens…  DM question: Do you travel with your bassoon or store it away in the chest? No new notes for you.

Jamwar: Once you guys return from the Mad Hermit, he plans to rejoin the group to the caves!  “BTW, Zirraguin borrowed my spear, any chance someone picked that up?”

“I did not pick up her spear since I was KIDNAPPED in that cave.  But Titania may be able to help Jamwar purchase a new one if we do not have an extra one lying around.”


Adventure Highlights:

  • Everyone is sick – Search for the “Mad Hermit” he might have a cure.
  • A long, slow search in forrest -finally @ mid afternoon the group finds beehives and old tree
  • Lumina almost is eaten by a killer tree & Titinia hangs upside down from strangle vines;
  • At the glade, the party is caught in grab grass; In a Spider battle, Bellinda is wounded and carried away;
  • Strange encounter with bee man and return to the keep;