Unpaid Debts Lead to a Halfling Collection Agency

Adventure #013

The medicine to the green fog disease is administered. A debt collection notice is delivered. The next mission is to escort Dubricus, the Keep’s translator, to the bugbear cave.

Yesterday was a crazy day – while you were searching for the hermit in the forest, a lot of shit has gone down at the Keep…

  • 3 elderly residents and a child of the area passed away yesterday from the fog sickness.
  • 2 large brown/tan Dragons were seen yesterday afternoon flying over the keep heading NW!
  • Several soldiers were attacked on the roads to the north – 6 are missing.
  • Jadale left  with the “Goblin Rippers” – the Keep’s strongest and most experienced squadron of soldiers rode out before dawn this morning.
  • Opal is now in charge of the Chapel – Ambercrombie is out – the only thing Opal can tell you is that “he is on assignment”.
  • The Keep’s Militia has been called into service – many of the inner keeps stores are closed and the outer walls are being guarded by the militia.
  • A few soldiers patrol the inner keep;
  • Most residents are worried; a few are even packing up and planning to leave the area.

Corrath (one of the gnome tailors) returned to the Keep early in the morning bloodied and in distress. They were ambushed – their “escort/security” killed, and her husband was taken prisoner. Everything they had – carts, clothes, dogs were all taken.

A sealed message that these bandits instructed that she give it to Lumina – it reads:

“Another late payment penalty has been collected. This time your little associates paid for your delinquency. Your luck will soon run out – return our money now!  Puk puk puk.”


Adventure Highlights

  • Background: The last time the group was at the caves, they triggered a magical theft prevention device on a chest they found. Covering some members in blue ink –  400 gold coins and 400 silver coins were taken.
  • The cave/ravine area was trapped with with several noise-making tripwire strings – if anyone was on guard, they probably heard you coming. A note is found describing where to return their money.
  • Another note to return stolen coins; Some coins are left in a chest as instructed, then the group makes a run;
  • Marcain suffers a serious neck wound from the barrage of arrows.
  • An unknown number of enemies are hiding in the nearby trees and brush.
  • The group surrenders to a halfling leader  – weapons are surrendered and a bargain is struck;
  • The group is allowed to proceed to the bugbear cave as long as they exterminate them;
  • The group plans to deceive the bandits by appearing to have taken bugbear prisoners;