Bugbears & Bandits

 Adventure #014

Instead of exterminating the bugbears as instructed, the group hopes to trick the bandits by pretending to have taken bugbear prisoners. As the group approaches the bandit cave, they are stopped and questioned by the halfling in Lightswift gear; Chaos ensues,

The Bugbear allies charge the bandits and the bandits scatter. The group takes cover and decides to follow the rampaging bugbears. The 3 bugbear warriors charge into the bandit cave in a killing frenzy. In one of the skirmishes, Lumina accidentally wounds one of the bugbear warriors. Bugbears aren’t necessary good listeners, but they do make great allies – just be sure not to get in their way!

Ninharma “senses” that a particular room must have a secret passage and separates from the group to finish searching.  He slays 3 kobolds by himself but couldn’t find any secret/hidden passages along the walls. Meanwhile the group loots the other parts of the bandit cave. The best loot was taken by Wulfgar – caltrops, 8 pipes, pipeweed and a half-full keg of ale.  Titania found a barrel of spears in a little nook, and Jamwar took 2.

Titania fights off a stray bandit. On the way out of the bandit lair, Revned pops into the room Ninharma has been searching.  Almost instantly, Revned spots a trapdoor under the card table. The group decides to proceed through the door in the floor…