The Death of Ninharma – We Meet Scooter

Adventure #016

Having escaped the Minotaur caves, the group rests with the bugbear allies. The next morning they plan to return to the Keep with the bugbear interpreter, Dubricus.

Midweek Preview

You miraculously escaped the minotaur cave with your lives! Inside the minotaur caves, it may have seemed that your comrades were doing more harm than good. Marcain apologizes again Revned! You spent a night with the bugbears.  Now reunited with Dubricus, your wounded party makes an extremely cautious retreat out of the ravine – in hopes of returning to the Keep safely.  

It’s obvious that some creatures are in the brush and trees around the ravine. It takes about 2 hours to make a safe and slow retreat from the cave/ravine area. A few times you spot a small group of kobolds but they keep their distance. No further signs of the bandits – until you make your way out of the dense forest…  

There, along the edge of the forest and road, you spot a stirge (the large, flying, blood sucking insect with the long beak) feeding on a headless human female body dressed in Lightswift.  Near the body are coins (you’ll roll for Copper, Silver and Gold); And, approximately 10ft away from the body, lies a small 14”x8”x6” wooden chest with the lid half broken off. Near it are some playing cards, a red apple, some bread, a mirror, 2 small vials that look like healing potions, 3 rings, 2 cheap necklaces, and some material that could be used to make spells/potions (roll d100 to determine value). Also a group of 5 sticks that resemble magic wands – tied together in a ribbon.  Out of everything you find, you immediately know that the ornate silver mirror (not broken) – is worth at least 100gp.

Adventure Highlights

  • Opal meets the group along the road and informs you that the Keep has been attacked again – by Dragons and spies!
  • Buildings inside the Keep walls were set afire.
  • Deveraux is denying access to all outsiders – a camp has been setup along the edge of the forest.
  • Opal returns to the Keep with Dubricus – everyone else rests and helps out around the campsite;
  • During the night patrols, Ninharma, Wulfgar and Jamwar hear something from the forest – Ninharma with his elven-night vision and heighted sense of hearing sneaks further into the forest for a closer look.
  • Ninharma yells out, lights a torch and is critically wounded, Jamwar and Wulfgar being ill-prepared run back to the camp for help and a light-source.
  • The group  searches the forest for Ninharma – about 200feet into the woods his headless body is found 🙁
  • Details are fuzzy, but wasn’t our cleric  rather quick to loot Ninharma and leave his body?
  • Wulfgar fireman carries Ninharma’s body back to camp and lays him to rest the next morning.
  • The people at the camp are terrified – kids are crying – Ninharma’s ghost is satisfied.
  • Later in the morning a group led by a large male half-orc (Scooter) meets with Titania
  • Scooter’s orders are to assist with destroying the evils that lurk at the Caves of Chaos. The large half-orc leads a group of 4 females: MiraJane (human thief), Fhamoril Shortcloak (gnome cleric), Juvia Fullbuster (gnome fighter) and Helga Tumblebelly (halfling magic user);
  • A lot happened in this 24hr span, Jamwar is still amazed on how well organized Titania’s back pack was.