Battle with Bargles

Adventure #005

Now reunited with Ninharma and accompanied by Belinda, the brave adventurers proceed deeper into the dungeon below Rygar Keep hoping to find an exit before Jamwar dies. After passing through a multi-trapped room, and battling a few monsters, they find Bargle – actually 4 Bargles…


  •  Wolfgar burns a Tar monster – a piece of tar monster is stuck to his awesome boots;
  • Titania finds a shrine to Pelor and Moradin and the entire group is healed! Everyone say “Ohhhmmmmmmmmm…”
  • Trapped in a stairwell/entry, posionous gases are emitted – puzzles need to be solved to proceed;
  • An awesome boss battle with 4 Bargles, 1 Ogre and 2 caged monsters;
  • While making an escape through the underground tunnels of Rygar Keep, Ninharma falls and seriously injures himself.
  • At the exit, we see Bargle fly off on a small blue dragon;
  • Jamwar continues to cling to life with Titania’s help