Belinda Koboldsbane

Belinda spent the last 15 years with her husband working on a farm and caring for their 2 children. She is the lone survivor of a kobold raid. She was rescued from a prison cell at Bargle’s hideout under Rygar Keep. Afterwards, she took a vow of vengeance against all kobolds. When Belinda was younger she spent some time adventuring and hunting.

Belinda Stats:

  • Human (white/light blonde hair with grey eyes)
  • Age: 43
  • Class: Ranger
  • 5’4″
  • 140lbs


  • Belinda lost her entire family to Bargle’s kobolds
  • Changed her name from Steinsmith to Koboldsbane and took a vow of vengeance against kobolds.
  • After being rescued by the adventurers Belinda joined them on a few adventures
  • Presumed dead – Belinda was last seen being carried away by 2 giant wolf spiders less than a mile north of Kendall’s Keep.


  • Grew up hunting with her father;  Belinda has a few outdoors skills although it has been many years since she used them.
  • wilderness and dungeon tracking; Can set and remove woodland type traps; Can surprise (1-3 on D6) and hard to surprise (1 on D6); Limited to leather armor, cannot hire help, Only keeps what can be carried – donates all extra treasure to worthy institutions. (tracking is unique to the ranger class)


  • Belinda’s desire to kill kobolds is a bit scary and obsessive.

Unique Weapons:

  • Belinda found a silver +1 dagger at Bargle’s laboratory