Jamwar Wyvernkittenz

This barbarian has a hard time making any decisions but his hair is awesome! Occasionally Jamwar’s strength comes in handy. So far, Jamwar has lost 2 shields, sustained a major injury to his left foot and has been on the brink of death twice!

Jamwar Wyvernkittenz Stats:


  • Dark long flowing hair like a member from an 80’s hair band
  • Homeland is approx 500 miles to the north – The Heldann Freeholds;
  • Jamwar spent most his time recovering from injuries than actually adventuring.
  • Was poisoned by a giant spider and accidentally wounded Revned
  • Was seriously wounded by a giant bat
  • Lost all his left foot toes from a battle with kobolds
  • While unconscious, and lying in a cart, had 2 stirges attack him;
  • Spent about 6 weeks recovering at Kendall’s Keep
  • Moment of Glory: Risked his life to fight off Harpies alongside Titania to save Ninharma and Wulfgar from the harpies mesmerizing song
  • Fell in the Yalarum desert when the group was ambushed by goblins.


  • (4 weapons*, 3 nonweapons)
  • WEAPONS: Spear, Axe, Normal Sword, Bow (because of Brute and Brawn skill below, can use any weapon);
  • Previous Job: No skill of measurable worth (delivery boy);
  • Skills: Animal Lore, Muscle, Endurance;
  • Brute and Brawn – when he hits it usually hurts more (+1 dmg);
  • Anything Goes – JamWar can use any type of weapon or improvised weapon and effectively do damage.


  • Not particularly smart; (-1 intelligence penalty);
  • Weakness: Fear of small/normal size spiders and snakes (-2 penalty to hit and dmg rolls);
  • Previous Injury: Since Jamwar is missing part of his left foot, the once quick and athletic barbarian can no longer sprint or jump very far.

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