Lithos Stats:

  • Played by Troy
  • Elf
  • Class: Fighter
  • Age:
  • Height:
  • Weight:


Lithos lived a simple life working as a farmer before being taken prisoner by an evil necromancer named Tarlech. Lithos was about to be turned into an undead minion before the group rescued him at the Caves of Chaos. Lithos almost got his revenge on Tarlech when he critically wounded the necromancer. Unfortunately, Tarlech escaped in a cloud of mist.

Lithos stuck with the group in hopes of getting his revenge. Tarlech was never found again and Lithos decided to stay with the group.

Managed to escape the Lost City of Cyndicea with an elaborate jeweled crown and none of his comrades knew about it.


– Farmer with great strength and a knack for lifting and opening stuck doors.


– Lithos’ decisions/choices seem to frequently disagree with others in the group