Ninharma had a string of questionable choices. At one point, he was officially dead and buried. Through necromancy, his head was reattached and brought back to life – he suffers horrendous scars and is not quite the same as before…

Ninharma Stats:

  • Male Half-Elf
  • Elven Thief/Rogue
  • 5′?
  • ?lbs

Character Highlights/Notes:

  • Fell into trance while purposely trying to hear noise. Unfortunately, it was a  harpy song;
  • First character to discover “Rot Grubs”
  • Was captured by Bargle’s kobolds but had a great escape plan.
  • Fell and was seriously injured while leaving Bargle’s hideout cave.
  • On separate occasions, single-handedly defeated: a zombie, a group of kobolds and talking chickens.
  • Was attacked by an unknown creature while on patrol for the camp near Kendall’s Keep.
  • Character’s death on 6/14/2014
  • Magically brought back to life when Titania, Revned and a mysterious young girl decided to try some necomantic spell.
  • Became separated from the group while traveling through the Ylaraum Desert when 3 sand tornadoes split the group.
  • Ninharma hitched a ride on a magic carpet with a beautiful woman and a handsome mustached man.


An up and coming theif – Ninharma liked to exercise his many talents.


  • Ninharma may have had a gambling problem – although he did win a decent amount of the time…