Revned Forgedawn

A spunky, mischievous female elf. The people of Kendall Keep saw Revned as the second option after Titania. Revned wears a ring of Karameikos which she obtained from a debate contest. However, Revned is seen as slightly unreliable. She’s been in the stockades twice, and failed to gain information about dragons from the beeman. More recently, Revned has become delusional – believing that her second ring grants her the ability of flight

Revned Forgedawn Stats:

  • Played by Amber
  • Female Elf
  • Fighter / Mage
  • 5’3″
  • 115lbs


  • Lost spellbook
  • Placed 2nd at a debate contest at Kendall’s Keep and was given a ring to designate membership to a mysterious society representing the Duchy of Karameikos.
  • Recovered her spellbook near the quarters of Tarlech.
  • lost pinky from acid pit
  • Experimented with Necromancy and became cursed.


  • Supposedly a good swimmer – although when she tried to impress the group with her talents, she almost drowned in a small stream and swallowed a leach.
  • Revned: (4 weapons, 4 nonweapons)
  • WEAPONS: Bow, Normal Sword, Crossbows, Short Sword;
  • JOB: Bowyer/Fletcher;
  • SKILLS: Swimming, Animal Training (dogs); 10ft Pole Dancing, etiquette;


  • WEAKNESS: Poor Rope Handling;
  • Had a cursed ring which made her believe she could fly