At one point Titania was the most respected and liked member of the adventuring group. She volunteered at the chapel, loaned out money to residents, and was a main point of contact for several missions the Keep needed assistance with. Through peer pressure/curiousity she dabbled with necromancy and is now haunted on a daily basis.

Titania Stats:

  • Played by Randi
  • Female Human
  • Cleric – follower of Pelor
  • 5′ ?”
  • ?lbs


  • Titania is an avid collector of all sorts of odds and ends – including chicken feathers, a partial deck of cards and dirt!
  • Was infected with mummy rot by an undead cat.
  • Helped resurrect Ninharma with Revned and became cursed and haunted with dreams of death.
  • Survived a triple sandstorm and was rescued by a halfling trader named Kevgold.
  • Took on more debt while spending a year in Ylaraum and had her Necromantic curse and mummy rot removed
  • One year after losing her comrades, Titania managed to free Helga who was turned to stone and miraculously rejoined her lost comrades while on a mission to Barovia


  • A very organized back pack. A higher than normal chance of quickly pulling out the item you need.



  • Afraid of all spiders (penalty to rolls ?)
  • Experimented with Necromancy and became cursed. While cursed, Titania’s heal spells sometimes caused harm – bringing Jamwar and Fhamoril closer to death).