Wulfgar is sorta a “silent/fly under the radar” type. Ever since taking an arrow to the back and almost dying at the hands of kobolds, this dwarf’s strategies and plans are usually sound. Twice, Wulfgar almost touched fame but fell short at a drinking and arm wrestling contest. Since the blue dye is fading from his beard, Wulfgar’s comrades tend to draw a lot more attention (the bad kind of attention).

Wulfgar Stats:

  • Played by Eric
  • Male Dwarf
  • Dwarven Barbarian
  • 4′?
  • ?lbs


  • The Dwarven nation is Rockhome with the largest cities being: Stahl, Evemur, Dengar, Smaggeft (Probably picked up barbarianism skills/traits from the north of Rockhome –  Heldann Freeholds;
  • Almost won the drinking contest at Kendall Keep
  • Along with MiraJane, slayed about a dozen citizens of Cyndicea and took their animal masks.



  • WEAPONS: * abilty to use all weapons effectively – not sure what the skill was?;
  • Previous JOB: Armorer;
  • SKILLS:  Intimidation, Food Tasting, Brewing;
  • PLUS DWARF INHERITED SKILLS: Stonemasonery, Gem Appraising;


  • WEAKNESS: Poor swimmer;
  • Found an awesome pair of red leather boots near Bargle’s hideout (boots are cursed)