Ziraguin Tigersoul

Ziraguin was a brave and foolhardy adventurer. Unfortunately, the group had a moment of indecision when an alarm sounded. Ziraguin was taken down by a force of skeletal guardians. Later she was reincarnated as a zombie and had to be destroyed.

Ziraguin Tigersoul Stats:

  • Female Human
  • Fighter
  • 5′?
  • ?lbs



Character Highlights/Notes:

  • While searching for Bargle at Rygar Keep, Ziraquin took a nap on magical bed and got slapped, kissed and drug through the trash before waking up refreshed.
  • Survived a poison needle trap and yellow mold
  • In a moment of indecision, Ziraguin was surrounded and slain by an army of skeleton guardians
  • Was turned into a zombie by the Caves of Chaos inhabitants