Connecting Saltmarsh Stories

Ghosts of Saltmarsh is a collection of individual adventures with a common theme/setting. Here are some notes about how to continue the story after completing The Final Enemy.

Potential Spoilers below…







Keep Saltmarsh as the primary “home base” location.  We spent several sessions building up and getting to know Saltmarsh and its NPCs;  there is no need to over-complicate the story with more of the same. However, future sessions will take place in locations that are ~10 gamedays away.

Consolidate the differenet forces of evil; Each adventure has a separate villain which are similar. Pick one (Tharidzun or Orcus) and keep it as the main opponent. Tharidzun is creating an army and will destroy the land, can our heroes stop it from happening?


Yalaga Maladwyn from Wartarkheel becomes our quest giver for these later adventures. Wartharkheel was chosen because it offers various challenges for players at different levels. Yalaga was originally encountered in session 1, when two characters died. We’ve seen those characters come back as ghosts hinting toward something bigger. Now is the time to reveal why they are ghosts  and tie Tammeraut’s Fate and The Styes into one story.

Main villans:

  • Tharidzun with Lesser Villains:
    • The Undead
    • Rasp
    • Captain S.
    • Mr. D.
    • S.

We will use focus on these locations – and downplay/skip other sections of the book.

  • Firewatch Island
  • The Rift
  • The Styes

Main Goals:

  • Retrieve the Wartahkeel Ark  – ties into Tammerauts Fate
  • Close the Rift – also Tammerauts Fate
  • Rescue a Young Kraken – from The Styes