Dinner @ Ravenloft

Adventure #029

Our adventurers enter castle Ravenloft. It seems that their arrival was expected. As they are greeted by a mysterious man playing a large pipe organ (tee hee). His name is Strahd and he has prepared a large feast for everyone. Shortly after greeting everyone, the lights go out,  all the doors are slammed closed and the drawbridge is pulled up and Strahd vanishes. A haunting laugh echoes through the rooms and halls of the castle…

Midweek Preview

We pick up our adventure where we left off last time – at the entrance of castle Ravenloft.

Adventure Recap:

Helga sits herself down and begins to enjoy the splendid meal set before her. Revned grabs a glass of exquisite wine… Wulfgar sits, down but then gets up and starts walking around the table – checking out the surroundings when Strahd doesn’t avoids his question.  Lithos takes cover under the table when the lights go out.  Next, Titania casts light in the dark room and the host, Strahd, has vanished. A few search the room, and find a secret door behind the organ.

The group explores the inner castle walls, they find a mannequin that resembles Strahd before climbing to the 3rd level through a spiral staircase making there way outside along the castle’s parapet. Peering through the windows into the inner keep the adventurers find Gertruda – a young girl taken by Strahd.

The adventurers continue exploring the inner castle of Ravenloft. Notable findings include: a room with a moldy wedding cake, a bathroom with a closet filled with capes, Gertruda’s “princess” bedroom and a plush library.  In the library, Titania finds an ancient tome that Donavich (priest of Barovia) mentioned earlier.  More information on Strahd is learned – including his weaknesses to the Sun and a sword that his brother Sergei once wielded.