Exploring Saltmarsh


Adventures return from the haunted house and explore the town of Saltmarsh. They meet various residents, seagulls and cats. Our next adventure will begin with investigating Crabbers Cove – where a local fisher has gone missing.

Once Valamoir got shat upon,
Magic boots he did not don,
86’ed from the store,
He can go there no more,
Much more peaceful with him gone!



Saltmarsh Citizens Met

  • Lankus Kurrid, owner of Wicker Goat, male human;
  • Elliander Fireborn, Captain of the Guard and member of Town Council, male human;
  • Manistrad Copperlocks, Runs Mining Company and member of Town Council, female dwarf;
  • Captain Xendros, Trade Expert and magic item dealer, female tiefling;
  • Kreb Shenker, owner of the Empty Nest, male, human;
  • Hanna Rist, owner of the Snapping Line they serve Claw Wine, female human;
  • Gellan Primewater, member of the Town Council, male human;
  • Eda Oweland, Senior member of the Town Council, female human;
  • Anders Solmor, member of the Town Council, male human;
  • Skerrin Wavechaser, member of the Town Council, male human;
  • Wellgar Brinehanded, 1-legged whaler who provides spellcasting (remove curse) services, male dwarf;
  • Krag, caretaker of Saltmarsh Cemetary and long-winded local lore master, male half-orc;
  • Winston, owner of Winton’s Store (sells previously loved items), male human;
  • Ferrin Kastilar, sunbathes naked on the beach with seagulls, male halfling;
  • Needles, customer at The Empty Nest who buys Guy a few drinks, female human;

Quest Log:

  1. Crabbers Cove – People have gone missing near Crabbers Cove, a fisher named Gloomy Devil went there a few days ago and never came back. If you go there, watch out for crabs, bats, rats and vampires!
  2. Take the Ghost – The Saltmarsh Town Council wants the adventurers to take the smuggler’s ship, The Ghost. The reward is 400gp;
  3. A School of Silver Fish have been spotted nearby. Rumors are that these fish are mighty tasty and can make you look and feel younger.
  4. Recover a Sunken Treasure – Captain Xendros has mentioned a magical mechanical crab was lost at sea, she would like someone to recover it.
  5. Close a Portal – Demons are appearing around some ruins. A powerful undead drow woman haunts the underwater ruins.
  6. Investigate the Dread Wood – Something unnatural is stirring in the Dread Wood, according to the sun-bathing halfling Ferrin and his seagull, Jonathan.
  7. Haunted Mines – Manistrad Copperlocks is having some difficulty with a section of mines – the miners have stirred up some undead beings.


  • Guy Windsong  entertainer who is proficient in limericks and maybe a marine supply clerk?, half-elf bard;
  • Kelda Hellsdóttir  a red-headed hermit (follows the steps of her twin sister) on a mission to end slavery in the area. human druid, circle of the coast;
  • Quixsy an elite soldier who broke barriers and became a role model for women. marine veteran, half-orc barbarian; 
  • Sar-Gassum (was that Sgt. Awesome?) his previous squad was crushed by a leviathan, soldier, water genasi monk
  • Snaps (Chelydra Serpentina) she enjoys the sea, and hopes to buy some oceanfront property. marine veteran, tortle barbarian; 
  • Valamoir A blue-skinned, green haired marine with the blessing of Corellon who is hunting sahaughin, sea elf sorcerer/artificer;
  • Vanna hostess for the Quartermasters of Iuz (magic item store) and Captain Xenderos’ assistant, entertainer, goliath fighter;



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