D&D Fight Club then Working for a Living

Adventure #006

The group escaped Bargle’s cave hideout, but failed to collect on his bounty. At the small town, everyone to rests and recovers. Ninharma’s injuries are magically healed, but Jamwar will need healing from a Keep this is one day’s travel away. The night before heading off to the Keep, the group partakes in a fight tournament held in the cellar of the local tavern.


  • Underground Fight Club at Victaries’ Tavern;
  • The group recovers and partakes in low stakes gambling;
  • Wulfgar and Ziraguin join the fight contest;
  • We escort the gnomes Corrath and Beldak to Kendall’s Keep
  • Along the way we battle blood-suckingĀ  stirgesĀ  – Ninharma and Wulfgar fight them off before they drain Jamwar completely.
  • Find Keep and find odd jobs (The Sims D&D style);
    • Ninharma works as locksmiths assistant,
    • Ziraguin takes on guard duty
    • Titania helps out at the chapel dedicated to Pelor
    • Revned studies magic
    • Wulfgar heals and drinks ales
    • Jamwar is healed and stabilized.