Cob the Frog Hunter and Brother Martin the Caver

Adventure #007

While resting/working at the Keep,  you hear office gossip and rumors of riches to be found. In an attempt to make money faster, the group decides to try Frog hunting with local guide, Cob. The frog hunt was less than glorious so the next day the group tries cave exploration with Brother Martin.

Midweek Update:

You work with Ambercrombie (the chaplain – very dedicated to Pelor); You also meet Brother Martin (he likes Pelor but is more open minded to other ideas/gods, he also works part-time as a baker); Ambercrombie is annoyed by Martin’s tolerance for other religions/beliefs;

Opal a young woman and cheesemaker – also works at the chapel; She shows qualities that might make her a decent adventurer although she is young;

Brother Martin is interested in finding the rumored “evil” Druids and he thinks they might be in the caves up North; He doubts that they are really evil and someone at the keep started this nasty rumor to cover something up;

Hangs out at the Tavern while healing; You meet a few more people:
Cob, a local hunter also knows of the value and challenge of acquiring giant frog legs – but knows he shouldn’t do it alone. If someone invited him along, he would probably agree for a fair share of the profit.

Jess, has lived at the Keep her entire life; She works as the barmaid/serving girl; She has a spunky attitude and knows the background of most people who are here – she is very intrigued by your stories of adventure.

You also learn that “Third” is fairly new to the area she doesnt talk much and she never removes her bronze mask;

Working in the same room as Aseneth is growing old, plus you’ve used up all the ingredients that he has available. He probably knows a little more magic than you, but he thinks he’s extremely more intelligent than anyone. He always seems annoyed when people try talking to him;

Besides researching magic, he is interested in the rumored “evil” druids. He believes they are not evil and that they should be found to discover the real truth. This is the one thing that he will actually talk about without seeming annoyed; If you asked him, he would probably accompany your group to search for these druids…

One night at the One-Eyed Cat you met another fellow magic-user, Dubricus d’Ambreville;  He is new to the keep but looking for adventure; He is staying at the guild house at the moment;

Working as Mouse’s lube boy is pretty easy work; He supervises as you grease the gates, drawbridge, catapults and ballistas everyday; Every now and then you see Ziiraguin working as door greeter in one of the towers;

He also has 3 iron chests that are incredibly challenging he lets you try but neither one of you make any progress; It is a “backburner project” he’s been working on these chests for several weeks;
2 more weeks of work and the thieves tools set is yours!  Mouse seems to be well liked by others in the keep; He might be interested in joining in an adventure if there was good money in it.

You work as “Door Greeter” for Kendall Keep; Your co-workers are Laurl, Charl, Woot and Joop; You are remarkakably fast with raising and lowering the gates and drawbridge.

Sabine is your “supervisor”. Keep up the good work and in a few months you’ll be trained on the ballistas and catapults; You also learn a little more background about the keep: Devereaux is the name of the Castellan; The Kendall, the lord of the keep has been gone for a month or so now; No one seems to know when he will come back, but they are all confident he will return; He left with a band of 6 of his troops;

You learn that the Castellan has a bounty out for goblinoids – known to live northeast of the keep;  The pay is 10gp per goblinoid ear; None of your coworkers seem interested in adventuring – they like the structure and security of working at the keep; You also learn that there is a band of Bandits that rob people along the South road (the same way we came with the Tailors);

Is alive! Everyday, with some help, he makes his way to the One-Eyed Cat to heal, eat food and drink ale; He is  missing all 5 toes from his left foot and doesn’t understand how he got 2 puncture wounds in his chest; He is on crutches now and thinks he might be up for adventure in another month;

1. Continue working at the Keep (although you are probably losing more than you are earning as a group);
2. Frog Legs;
3. Search for the Druids;
4. Hunt Goblins;
5. Is there anyone you would like to accompany you?

Adventure Highlights

  • Frog Hunting with Cob;
  • Cross River on crappy canoe;
  • In an attempt to show off her swimming skills, Revned almost drowns and swallows a leach;
  • Take Brother Martin to caves to find druids;
  • At the bottom of the ravine, the group runs into Belinda and Holystina – they are scouting a kobold cave and everyone stays hidden when goblins and kobolds battle for a chest nearby.
  • Find weird cave rooms with robed bodies praying and Titania and Brother Martin fall into a trance;