Healing Spirit (overpowered?)

UPDATE 4/1/2020 

The latest printing of the 5e rulebooks has new Healing Spirit rules. This addresses the “conga-line of healing” wherein players would wander through the healing spirit multiple times over the course of the spell’s duration, giving players access to more healing than the designers intended via the spell. Now the spell’s power has been brought back in line with its actual level and intended use.

Original post from 5/2/19 below

Healing Spirit (overpowered?)

Yes, it is overpowered when used out of combat. I plan on running it using the modified rule as mentioned on Sage Advice. I remember when this spell first hit Adventurers League tables and it seemed like a cheat code to a video game. We gained a ton more healing potential when this new spell came out in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

Compared to other level 3 healing spells.

Aura of Vitality, 1 Minute
Total Healing: 20d6 (70 HP)
Max per Individual: 20d6 (70 HP)

Prayer of Healing, 10 minutes
Total Healing: [3d8+Mod]*6 (105 HP)
Max per Individual: 3d8+Mod (17.5 HP)

Healing Spirit, 1 minute
Total Healing:  120d6 (420 HP)
Max per Individual: 20d6 (70 HP)

Additional Thoughts: